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About Boson

Founded in 1999, Boson is a privately held company specializing in providing robust examination preparation materials used by individuals, businesses, academic institutions and government entities around the world.
Boson NetSim Network Simulator allows users to prepare for their Cisco certification exams without the need to purchase and store expensive equipment. We offer three certification-focused NetSim products:
Each supports the skills and technologies needed for the respective certification. No other Router Simulator offers this much versatility and support.
ExSim-Max Practice Exams help students prepare for Cisco®, Microsoft®, CompTIA® and other IT certification exams. These comprehensive exam simulations are delivered via the exclusive Boson Exam Environment — the premier exam delivery system which enables students to test their knowledge and gain confidence before taking the real exam.
Boson Training specializes in instructor-led IT training. Through a combination of lectures and labs, we offer comprehensive training solutions to individuals and organizations that need to enhance their IT skills or improve their IT departments. Our training programs are designed to help IT professionals maintain or upgrade certification levels, advance in their careers and improve the skills needed to excel on the job.
Please contact us today, and let us help you achieve your IT certification goals.