CCNA Courseware Curriculum

Activation Procedures for Boson Online (Digital) Courseware

After you purchase a Boson Courseware product, you can go directly to your Online Courseware.
You can also access your courseware products by going to My Account > My Products > Manage (located on the Courseware card) > Launch the Courseware title that you would like to view.
If the user license was not assigned at checkout, enter the activation key(s) listed on the purchase receipt in the New Activation Key field under the My Courseware Online Products section in your account.

Legacy Products Using the Javelin Reader

  1. First, make sure you have available your Boson Courseware purchase receipt email.

  2. The Boson Courseware is delivered electronically and protected using Drumlin PDF Security. You will need the activation keys from your purchase receipt email to unlock the content and make it available on your computer.

  3. You will use the Javelin Reader from Drumlin to access the Courseware documents. Download and install the Javelin Reader. This is the same link that you will find in the Product Delivery section of your purchase receipt email.

  4. After you have installed the Javelin Reader, you should now download each Courseware document that you purchased. Your purchase receipt email will contain a download link for each document. Use these links to download your documents and store them in a folder on your computer. The content files will have an extension of .DRMZ

    Courseware Receipt

  5. After you have downloaded the protected Courseware content files, you will now use the activation key to unlock the document. Launch the Javelin Reader and choose File, Open from the main menu. Browse to the folder where you saved your content and select the document you wish to open.

    Boson Courseware

  6. When you open the selected document, you will be prompted for an activation key to unlock your document. Copy the appropriate activation key from your purchase receipt email and paste it into the activation key textbox.

  7. Your content will be unlocked and will be viewable in the Javelin Reader.

Legacy Products Using the Javelin Reader on an iPad

  1. Go to the App store and install the free Javelin for iPad app. Courseware App
  2. Launch the App after the install completes.
  3. Press the download button in the Javelin Reader App toolbar (highlighted in red). Courseware download
  4. Copy and paste in the Link to the Boson Courseware iPad Catalog: (case sensitive).
  5. Click the green Download button
  6. An index of the Boson Courseware documents will appear. The document icons are gray, indicating they have not yet been downloaded or activated. Courseware index
  7. Tap the icon for the first document and click Yes to begin downloading it: Courseware ipad
  8. Download in progress:
    Courseware iPad Progress

  9. When the download is complete, you will be prompted for the activation code for this document:

  10. Enter the activation code (real codes will show up as typed, not XXXXXXXXX).

  11. When successfully activated, the document will display. The usual iPad gestures can be used to read the document.

  12. Repeat this process for each document until all are activated.