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NetSim for Cisco 300-410 ENARSI

Average Rating: 4.5 stars (2)

5 stars Excellent Cisco Simulator
4/4/2023 3:36:26 PM - Ryan - ,

NetSim is amazing. It is very well-made and does a great job of getting you some simulated experience with configurations. It supports many commands that Packet Tracer does not.

I recommend 2 monitors so you can see the instructions/topology and CLI at the same time.

4 stars It's a solid resource with room for improvement
4/4/2022 8:52:41 AM - Will - Philadelphia, PA US

This isn't a comprehensive review. The program is decent. I like that it's still being updated and the updates perform automatically. The online capabilities are nice and provide some more flexibility to how and when you can use it for practice.

Some cons: The console doesn't always load into it's tab, and sometimes I have to click back and forth between other tabs to make the console appear. Sometimes the program loses days worth of logs related to what I've done and scores - thankfully I remember what I've completed. Some of the labs will ask you to do things such as test connectivity between dozens of devices using pings, which is a huge waste of time IMO considering I'm not labbing how to ping and study time is precious. The lab grading requires you to type commands the exact way they want. If their network statement doesn't include masks and yours does it considers it wrong even though they are both correct.

To summarize: if you want more practice on ENARSI topics in a mostly ready to go lab environment with labs that are largely helpful, it's a great resource. You'll get the most out of it if you're not too concerned about being a perfectionist. That said, wait for a sale - the company is active on Cisco exam subreddits and will post codes there on occasion (such as new years).

Good luck and happy studying!