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ExSim-Max for CompTIA Network+ N10-007

Average Rating: 4 stars (3)

4 stars Quality software but less consistent with the scope of Network+
11/29/2019 10:33:01 AM - M - Tallinn, EE

The exam simulations are top-notch, just the way I heard from others. The explanations for each answer are highly detailed with credible web-references (mostly to Cisco or the Mike Meyer's book). Still, a bit of proofreading before releasing the product could have done away with a few typos here and there. But, anyone with a bit of common sense would be able to ignore them during studies.
The only little drawback is that certain questions covered were more suitable for Cisco-oriented certification tests than in accordance with the Network+ objectives.

3 stars Pretty good, but too many irrelevant questions.
5/15/2019 10:44:10 AM - Tyler - HINTON, AB CA

There's a LOT of Cisco proprietary questions in this test. I've had to ask around the CompTIA Discord a bunch because I was confused about many Q's (and then was told it was far outside the scope of the actual Net+ test).

The questions that are relevant are quite well done, with full explanations of the answers (correct and otherwise).

There was a few IP/Subnetting Q's that didn't have good explanations of how they arrived at the answer, but those were rare.

These tests need to be whittled down a bit to only contain relevant information. After that, it'd be a perfect 5 stars.

5 stars Questions Were Similar to the Test
9/21/2018 7:39:50 AM - Dustin - Chandler, AZ US


If you get 90% consistently on all the exam version presented in the program you will pass. I passed my second time only because I wanted a baseline but, you could pass the first time if you follow the 90% rule. The questions are similar to the test and they are almost the real deal. I used other practice exams but, the explanation were far superior than the other practice tests I used.